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First thank you for visiting our Page!

Find Habibi is intentionally structured to appeal to an intellectual, single or attached, socially conscious user population. Find Habibi may or may not be for everyone. You can decide at no risk.

Registration on Find Habibi.com is absolutely easy to login to with your existing social media accounts. The apps in Google Play Store iTunes and Amazon App Store are free also so that users can check the social network out and decide if it is right for them. Start meeting like minded people right away. Enjoy Elite Social Networking!

This social networking site allows you to have a custom profile, wall and share as much or as little information as you want with other users.

FindHabibi.com has a special matching feature to help you find friends in your local area or who share like interests.

This is designed to be a virtual world online where you can meet new people or interact with people you already know. Friends, business associates, family members, even romantic interests.

The 3D City and Street chat features allow you to meet up with people in real time and have chats. You will have an avatar, which you can customize. When you go into street chat it will look like you are standing in a city in real life either alone or with whoever else is there or who ever you decide to meet there.

In the 3D city which is different from street chat it is all in virtual reality. Inside the virtual 3D City/world, there are games you can play with people such as connect four, chess and checkers or you can play solo against the computer.

In the 3D virtual city/world you can attend different events and meet new people or plan to meet people you know in the different rooms. The rooms available for meeting are the Patio, the Penthouse, The lounge, The cinema, an Art Gallery and a Yacht. There are more as well.

Events that can be attended are as follows: Movie Mondays, Soul Food Sundays, Workout Wednesdays, Etc. Some events are scheduled by FindHabibi.com and users (in the future) will have the opportunity to schedule virtual events as well.

Some upcoming events are a great artist will be having an open house and displaying he art in the gallery, the date and time will be announced. Also, a recording artist will host a music listening session as well within the next couple of weeks. All of our events and RSVPs can be found on our Facebook page.Here.


Events will be available and listed on this site at the end of April. Hopefully this information is helpful and feel free to DM us with any additional questions or concerns.

Again welcome and thank you for being a part of this growing community of elite social net workers.

FindHabibi.com would like for you to get to enjoy the full experience of this elite social network.

Best Wishes! Gifted_Pen317 CEO/Founder of FindHabibi.com